Rural Mail Delivery’s First Year

Free rural mail delivery was still very new to folks in the Skidmore area in early 1901, but it was clearly popular, as this report from the February 22, 1901 edition, page 1, shows:

Rural Mail Delivery.
Two Rural Mail Routes were established out of Skidmore the 1st of last September, one east and southeast of town and the other west.  For the first month September, there were handled on the east route 2787 pieces of mail matter and on the west route, 4170 pieces.  During the month of January there were 4438 pieces handled on the east route and 6276 on the west route.  The gain was a little over 509 per cent on the east route and over 50 per cent on the west route.  The total handled on the two routes for the month of January was about 54 per cent increase over the first month – September.

We need the northeast route and then we will be alright until some other people want rural delivery.  Rural delivery of the mail has come to stay and let us help all the people we can.  The people along the proposed line of the route northeast of town want to see about the roads as the inspector may happen along just any old day, and if the roads are not in good condition he may not recommend the route.

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