Royal Neighbors Surprise Mrs. C. E. Reese, 1907

Here’s some social news from the October 31, 1907 edition of the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1. We’re not sure we would have the ability to welcome 25 surprise guests on any given afternoon, and our hat’s off to Mrs. Reese:

Royal Neighbors Surprise.

Last Thursday twenty-five of the Royal Neighbors of this city and vicinity went with well-filled baskets to the home of Mrs. C. E. Reese and gave her a grand surprise.

Mrs. Reese was not in the least suspicious of any such a thing and was going about her house work when she looked out and saw the wagon (trimmings and decorations being the same) that had been used by the Skidmore band in the flower parade during the Punkin Show, coming loaded with women.

But the surprise didn’t affect Mrs. Reese’s hospitality. She ushered the ladies into the house and here they visited until dinner. The dinner, which was made up of the contents of the ladies’ baskets, was certainly sumptuous, the table being loaded with everything that pleases the palate, from a pickle to a nice cake. After they had eaten their dinner, into the sitting room was the next move. Here games of all kinds were played and enjoyed.

After being entertained thus for several hours by Mrs. Reese, all departed for home wishing for her many more pleasant days, surprises or otherwise, and thanking her very much for the trouble she took to entertain all.

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