Rose Barrett Hosts a Taffy Pull, 1908

Social news from the November 5, 1908 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), p. 1:

A Young People’s “Pull.”
You may talk about your games of “Run, Sheepy, Run,” “Hide and Seek,” and many other minor sports, but say, who is it that does not — or has not — some time in their life, enjoyed a regular old time “taffy pull.”

This sort of enjoyment is not indulged in as much as it was formerly, but when a bunch of young people get out to pull taffy, they certainly have plenty of fun.

The score or more of girls and boys, schoolmates of Miss Rose Barrett, who assembled at her home on River Hill, just outside the west city limits, last Thursday evening, will testify as to the fun and enjoyment there is in going to a “taffy pull.”

These young people say they were very highly entertained by their hostess, who did everything in her power to make the evening pleasant.

Besides the making of candies, amusements of different kinds were indulged in until a late hour when the jolly crows left for home with happy hearts, and feeling they had spent a very pleasant evening indeed.

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