Rob a store in Stanberry, get caught in St. Joseph

Page 1 crime news from the August 3, 1922 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri):

Rob Stanberry Store; Caught in St. Joseph

St. Joseph, July 28. — With the rear seat of a touring car filled with goods stolen from Haas and Wrenn’s general store at Stanberry, Wednesday night, Dewey Lawter, 24 years old; Harry Van Horn, 22, and Alfred Meek, 20, all giving their addresses as Kansas City, were arrested at Twenty-sixth and Frederick avenue shortly before 6 o’clock yesterday morning by Police Corporal Highland and Patrolmen Bauer and Reams.

At 8 o’clock yesterday morning three switchmen returning home from work at Stanberry saw a car moving slowly around the public square with no lights. The suspicion of the switchmen was aroused and they stopped to watch the car. It halted in front of Haas and Wrenn’s and a few minutes later a light kept burning in front of the store went out. One of the switchmen then went to arouse the town marshall, while the other two kept watch from a distance.

Immediately opposite the store is a room occupied by a railway postal clerk who starts his run at 4 a.m. He arose at 3:30 and soon after he turned on a light in his room the motor car pulled out. Marshal Elmer De Spain arrived a few minutes later. The men in the motor car started in the direction of St. Joseph and De Spain notified the police here.

Isaac Haas, of the Stanberry firm and the marshal set out in pursuit of the robbers, who had twenty-five minutes the start of them. When the pursuing car reached King City it was learned that the car they were following had passed through King City forty minutes before. The marshal and Haas then returned to Stanberry.

The St. Joseph police had no trouble making arrests and the three men were locked up at Central Police Station. Haas came to St. Joseph early yesterday morning and an inventory was taken of the goods found in the car, which he identified. There were 100 suits of men’s clothes, 8 dozen silk shirts and a quantity of silk hose, of a total value of more than $2,000.

Lawter and Meek are half brothers and are natives of Stanberry. Lawter was seen at Bethany several days ago driving a Willy-Knight car, the same in which the trio were captured. The car was a stolen one, having been stolen from George Levine, 3811 Chestnut street, Kansas City.

Lawter formerly was in the navy and in 1919 was charged with robbing Dobler & Kessler’s saloon in St. Joseph. He was returned to St. Joseph from Mare Island, Cali., tried and acquitted.

Van Horn is not known either here or at Stanberry. He was the only one of the three who was armed, and carried a .38-calibre Colt’s special revolver.

The three men were taken to Albany Thursday afternoon to face charges of burglary there. The sheriff from Albany arrived in St. Joseph late Thursday afternoon.

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