Rightful Amusements

Spring is a perfect time for innocent amusements, especially those that can be enjoyed by everyone who avoids bad language and bad conduct.  From the June 17, 1915 Skidmore New Era:

Do It Now

The tennis court and croquet grounds are about completed on the Christian church lot, and all who wish to play, and wish a special hour may hand their names to Mervyn Gray, Earl Jordan or Ira Porter.  Do so now, first calls, first served.  The net, rackets, balls, wickets, mallets and stakes are all here.

Seats will be prepared for visitors and those who wish to rest.  Come and enjoy an hour of pleasure in an innocent way.  Young and old, poor and rich all take the same treatment and all treatments free.

If you miss getting in on this you will miss a world of innocent pleasure, so get busy doctors, merchants, lawyers, bankers, blacksmiths, section men, carpenters, painters, shoe cobblers, dress-makers, hat trimmers, printers, tinners and all the rest but no bad language or bad conduct about the grounds.

We believe in providing rightful amusements for the young, by so doing prevent wrong in many ways.


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