Review of Armistice Day Program, 1921

The program at the Skidmore, Missouri M. E. Church in 1921 was a hit. Here’s the review from the Skidmore News’ November 17, 1921 edition:

Program Given Last Friday Was Good.
About 300 Dinners Served — Church Was Crowded When Program Began.

An excellent Armistice Day program was given at the M. E. church last Friday afternoon, when the entire town and a considerable portion of the surrounding country met together in a community observance of the day that means so much to all of us. The business houses all closed during the program, and several of them were closed all day.

The formal observance of the day began at noon, when the ladies of the M. E. church served their annual dinner in the dining room of the church. Twenty-three free dinners were served to ex-service men, and about three hundred meals were served in all.

About 2 o’clock, the program began. S. B. Garnett, commander of James Harvey Hughes Post of the American Legion was master of ceremonies. The program opened with orchestra music, after which Miss Vera Barber led the congregation in singing America. Rev. Hugh McClellan led in prayer. Miss Olive Stevenson read an excellent history of our flag, beginning with the old British flag and tracing the development on down to the present time.

Following some special music rendered by a double-mixed quartette and a duet by Misses Rodman and Manchester, Dr. J. E. Pierpoint read an interesting article from the American Legion Weekly. An appropriate reading was given by Miss Eleanor Sewell.

Rev. D. F. Harrison, former pastor of the M. E. church here was the principal speaker of the occasion, and he made a good talk. Following the address by Rev. Harrison, the congregation sang The Star Spangled Banner, after which Rev. McClellan pronounced the benediction. A few timely remarks were made by Mr. Garnett at various times during the program.

The auditorium and annex were filled, and everyone seemed to enjoy the program.

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