Red Cross Contributors, 1922

From the November 23, 1922 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Red Cross Contributors.
The Red Cross drive, which was made in Monroe Township last week, is not meeting with the success as in former drives.

The country districts have not made their report, but many in town have discontinued their membership.

The following is a list of those in town who contributed to the Red Cross this year:
Mrs. M. A. Sewell.
Vernon Barrett.
Mrs. Frank Barrett.
Frank Tarpley.
A. C. Dodds.
Dr. J. C. Manning.
George L. Manchester.
Wayman McGinness.
M. A. Sewell.
Mrs. J. W. Rodman.
W. G. Reynolds.
E. T. Duval.
Mrs. J. C. Spahr.
Mrs. Reubin Barrett.
Miss Florence Foster.
Reubin Barrett.
Ed Conrad.
L. D. Jordan.
Earl Jordan.
G. W. Trotter.
W. K. Zook.
Bessie Mitchell.
Everett Linville.
W. S. Linville.
C. W. Kabel.
Dr. Roy Morgan.
Miss Tena McClain.
Ed Albright.
Otha Stevens.
T. A. Culley.
L. W. Garnett.
J. D. Montgomery.
R. A. Walker.
Richard Barrett.
Lois Barrett.
Charles Beverlin.
Gaylord Dilts.
J. W. Pierce.
J. O. Miller.
Mrs. C. C. Stevens.
Mrs. Mary Swearengen.
Mrs. W. M. Howden.
Rollo R. Howden.
G. L. Owen.
Mrs. Gertrude Barrett.
W. H. Hoblitzell.
Mrs. H. W. Montgomery.
Mrs. W. H. Hoblitzell.
Edna Logan.
Mrs. John McMahon.
E. D. French.
John Aldridge.
Lester Linville.
E. A. Cox.
Elmer Reese.
Mrs. George I. Riley.

The following named persons are Life Members of the Red Cross, having paid $50.00 in the original drive:
Dr. J. E. Pierpoint.
R. B. Foster.
H. W. Montgomery.
W. J. Skidmore.
J. F. Kellogg.
J. O. Miller.

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