Ralph Riley Earns a Dollar, 1922

Good job, Ralph! From the October 12, 1922 Skidmore News, page 1:

Ralph Got The Dollar.

Ralph, the little son of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Riley, earned a dollar Tuesday afternoon — and incidentally, he did something that no one else in town seemed able to do.

The basket ball belonging to the high school girls’ team was lost in the drain tile at the corner of the G. H. Patterson property east of the depot, Sunday night. Efforts were made that night to recover it, but they did not meet with any success. Monday morning the efforts were renewed, and continued all during that day and Tuesday. Tubs of water were poured into the tile in the hope that the ball would be washed out. this plan failing, rocks were thrown into the tile in the attempt to dislodge the ball, but still no results. Then, long poles were pushed into the mouth of the tile but the ball could not be recovered in this way.

At last it was clear that there was only one chance to recover the ball, and that was to send someone in after it. But it takes a pretty small boy to crawl into the twelve-inch tile, and the question was where to find a boy small enough to go in the tile and still large enough to do the job when he got there.

Ralph contended that he could do it, so finally, armed with a flashlight, and with a rope tied about his waist, he was sent in. he was unable to get the ball past the rocks that had been thrown in, so it was necessary first to get rid of the rocks. This necessitated three trips into the tile, and the third time he was dragged out, he had his arm crooked around the ball.

Ralph received his dollar, had his hands washed, and ran home a dollar better off and a good deal of a hero. It made no difference to him that he was dirty and wet and that his clothes were badly torn. He had done something that no other boy in town had been able to do.

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