Radio Fever Reaches Skidmore, 1922

From the November 9, 1922 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Radio Fever Growing.
The radio fever is growing in Skidmore. Lewis Garnett has had a receiving set installed in his restaurant with a 14-inch Magnavox bell. It was given a fair trial Tuesday evening when the election returns were received over it. The room was almost full until a late hour and the reports could be heard very distinctly in any part of the room.

Market reports will be received each morning, a musical program in the afternoons and evenings will be received, to which, Mr. Garnett says, all are invited.

Others having sets in town are, Clyde Stevens, C. E. Linville, Lawrence Linville, Irvin Moorhead, Delevan Robbins, Junior Skidmore.

Later, the November 16, 1922 issue added the following:

In mentioning the names of those in Skidmore who had radio receiving sets last week, the News forgot to mention Oto Riley and Dewel Snoderly as being among the radio bugs.

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