Quiet July 4th in Skidmore, 1922

From the July 6, 1922 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Fourth Passed Very Quietly in Skidmore.
Many Went to Neighboring Towns to Celebrate — Had Ball Game Here.

July Fourth was very quiet in Skidmore this year. There had been a little talk of a celebration here, but while most of those who were asked were in favor of it, no one seemed to care to take the lead.

Those who celebrated went to Burlington Junction, Mound City, Craig or St. Joseph. Many did not celebrate at all, but spent the day quietly at their homes. A few firecrackers were fired at intervals during the day, and in the evening, but it did not sound much like the Fourth. Few people were on the streets.

In the afternoon a ball game was the only entertainment offered. Plans had been made for a game between the Christian and M. E. Sunday Schools, but it seemed that the M. E. school could not produce a team and the game was called off. A good many players and also quite a number of fans congregated early in the afternoon, and it was decided that there must be a game, so Rev. E. F. Hagee and D. C. Barrett “chose up.” Hagee’s team won by the score of 19-9.

The lineup follows (the positions played by the various players were not reported).
E. F. Hagee
Ralph Bruttmeyer
Marvin Hitchcock
Archie Barrett
Howard Earley
Frances Medsker
R. E. Uhlig
Hallie Merritt
W. McGinness

D. C. Barrett
Denton Peoples
J. D. Earley
Earl Peoples
Eddie Gilliland
Ham Bramble
John Conrad
M. Horn
Lane McGinness

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