Largest Pumpkin, Best Beans – Punkin Show 1900

The Second Annual Skidmore Punkin Show was a big success, and the competition across its many categories was fierce to say the least. Here are the winners from 1900, as reported in the October 12, 1900 Skidmore Standard, page 5:

List of Prize Winners at the Skidmore Punkin Show
October 3 and 4, 1900.

Best display by owner and grower, 1st, A. F. Howden; 2d, Wm. Mills.
Six best varieties, any kind, 1st, M. S. Hughes; 2d, Joseph Logan.
Best 6 apples, any kind, 1st, M. S. Hughes; 2d, Charles Kaufman.
Best 6 Jonathans, L. A. DeBord;
Best peck, any kind, A. M. Long.
Largest apple, Mrs. Isaac Reaksecker.

Best display, 1st, Wm. Mills; 2d, W. S. Patterson.

Best display, 1st, J. M. Charles; 2d, Wm. Mills.

Best display of Irish potatoes, Chas. Robbins.
Best peck Irish potatoes, 1st, H. F. Thieman; 2d, A. R. Parshall.
Best display of sweet potatoes, 1st, J. L. Payton; 2d, James Parshall.
Best peck sweet potatoes, J. L. Payton.
Best display onions, 1st, James Parshall; 2d, J. C. Collins.
Best peck onions, 1st and 2d, James Parshall.
Best display turnips, 1st, Thos. Walton; 2d, F. W. Brittianham.
Best display of beets, 1st, Tilghman Medsker, 2d, Homer Medsker.
Best display beans, 1st, A. C. Wood; 2d, Wm. Albright.
Three best heads of cabbage, 1st, A. Sharp; 2d, Monroe Sharp.
Largest head cabbage, W. H. Smock.
Best display squashes, 1st, Chas. Kaufman; 2d, Martin Bagby.
Six best kind of squashes, 1st, J. W. Hitchcock, 2d, Orrin Masters.
Largest squash, 1st, John Goodwin; 2d, J. W. Hitchcock.
Best display pumpkins, 1st, D. B. Linville; 2d, Joseph Sullivan.
Six best pumpkins, 1st, Jonas Brown; 2d, G. W. Collins.
Largest pumpkin, Mrs. Turpin.
Smallest pumpkin, Geo. Rachau.
Best display gourds, 1st, Mrs. Isaac Reaksecker; 2d, Mrs. A. C. Collins.
Largest gourd, Mrs. A. C. Collins.
Best display vegetables by one owner and grower, A. C. Wood.
Best display seeds and grains by one owner and grower, James Parshall.
Peck of best clover seed, J. F. Cook.
Peck of best timothy seed, J. F. Cook.
Peck of best millet seed, G. W. Murray.
Best 25 ears corn, A. C. Linville.
Best display of corn, 10 ears of each kind, J. C. Collins.
Peck of best pop corn, 1st, J. L. Payton; 2d, J. C. Collins.
Peck of best wheat, 1st, A. F. Howden, 2d, Jonas Brown.
Best peck oats, 1st, Jonas Brown; 2d, A. F. Howden.

Best display hand made artificial flowers, Mrs. C. E. Painter.
Best single piece hand made artificial flowers, Mrs. Mollie Williams.
Best display pot grown flowers, Mrs. T. E. Haynes.
Nicest pound home made butter, 1st, Mrs. L. N. Torrey; 2d, Mrs. Ella Kaufman.
Nicest 5 pounds honey, 1st, G. W. Collins; 2d, James Parshall.
Best collection jelly, 1st, Mrs. J. D. Montgomery; 2d, Mrs. H. W. Montgomery.

Best pen Plymouth Rock chickens, 1st, T. B. Groves; 2d, Charles Kaufman.
Best pen Light Brahmas, Harold Shepard.
Best pen White Leghorns, 1st, Mrs. A. C. Barber; 2d, A. C. Wood.
Largest turkey gobbler, 1st, Mrs. G. W. Collins; 2d, Mrs. Wm. Mills.

Best display fancy work, Mrs. H. W. Montgomery.
Best fancy pillow, Miss Laura Ashbrook.
Best fancy center piece, Mrs. T. L. Howden.
Best Cake, Mrs. Fred Gill.
Best light rolls, Miss Edith Garnett.
Best directed letter, Miss Effie Mills.
Best loaf of bread from Defender flour, Mrs. John DeWitt.
From Star flour, Mrs. Charles Fults.
From Mound City No. 6, Mrs. J. V. Parrish.
From Star Patent, Miss Bessie Gray.
From T. R. Davis No. 1, Mrs. M. F. Garnett.
Best by girl under 15 years of age, Miss Nora Ledgerwood.
Prettiest baby under 1 year of age, Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Haynes.
Largest onion, James Parshall.
Best display canned fruits, Mrs. J. D. Montgomery.
Prettiest baby between one and two years of age, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Shaw.
Nicest single piece drawn work, Mrs. H. C. Linville.
Best pen Langshang chickens, James Parshall.
Best draft colt, D. R. Littler.
Best mule colt, Chas. Kaufman.

John J. Hughes made the closest guess to the number of beans in the shoe. The number was 3,295 and his guess was 3,300.

The bicycle race was won by John Ashbrook.

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