Punkin Show or No, 1901

Skidmore Standard publisher W. J. Skidmore was not shy about sharing his opinions on the front page. He reserved his strongest opinions not for minor, common issues like politics or religion but for the truly important things, like town improvements and the Punkin Show. Here he is in the August 16, 1901 edition, page 1:

To Be Or Not To Be.
Now is the Time to Decide Whether Skidmore will Have a Punkin Show This Fall or Not.

Just because we have had a little dry spell through this section of the country is no reason why we should become discouraged and give up the idea of having a Punkin Show this fall. We do not know that this is the case, but we do know that there has been very little talk on the subject in the past few weeks and a great many are of the opinion that Skidmore will not have any attraction of the kind this fall.

It is a well known fact that every town should and in fact must entertain their trade or suffer from the inroads of more energetic neighbors. Skidmore has always proven herself equal to the emergency in such instances and has entertained her large country trade in a creditable manner for a number of years past and it will not be right to sit down and fold our arms now. The town will not only loose her name as a place for entertainments but will also loose a large amount of trade that will go to some other town.

People like to spend their money where they know it is appreciated and a better guarantee of appreciation cannot be found than an affair gotten up to amuse them and their friends. Skidmore had a Punkin Show last year and all that were here know that it was the most successful attraction in the history of the town. The town is larger this year; business has been better, and we will continue to grow if we give the people something to come to town for other than the good bargains which our merchants offer at all times. Bargains are all right but people like to have something to make them forget their troubles.

Shall we have a Punkin Show? This is a question that should be answered immediately. It is out of the question to suppose that we will let this year pass by without keeping pace with former years in matters of this kind. If we can’t have a Punkin Show let us have something else that will furnish two or three days of amusements.

All that is needed is for some one to start the thing agoin’ and it is assured. Now comes the question, who will make the start?

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