Punkin Show Days

We’re wishing our friends from Skidmore and the surrounding area the very best for the 2021 Skidmore Punkin Show.

Here’s an ode to Punkin Shows past from the September 19, 1907 Skidmore New Era, page 1:

Punkin Show Days.
Punkin Show days are drawing near,
And the pumpkins all seem to know,
That in a few days they will all come together,
And hold a big Punkin Show.
Then all the farmers, both far and near,
Must lay down their tools in a pile,
And come out and see the big pumpkins,
For they will all have on a smile.
Then come to the show and see for yourself,
That Nodaway county can stand by herself.
If you’re from another county and don’t think it so,
Just see for yourself at the next Punkin Show.
W. R. Linville, the mayor of the town,
Will give you free drinks if you will only come around
To the corner of the street, near the Bank of Skidmore,
And if he don’t give you enough, just pump out some more.
Then come to the Show both rich and poor,
Bring in your pumpkins, potatoes and corn.
If you don’t get a prize you will help out the rest,
To make the Punkin Show a greater success.

We should probably note that the free drinks on offer from the mayor were from the new public well the town had added for visitors and their horses.

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