Pull Together

The ups and downs in our modern economic news are enough to worry and exhaust the average citizen.  Perhaps we ought to consider the words of the Holt County Sentinel, as reprinted by the August 5, 1909 Skidmore New Era:

Pull Together

Either run your town with a vim or get up and skip.  Men who are all the time wanting to get out of business or out of town will never try to build up either.  One or two things should be done; push things, find a way to make a way to put some go into the business; run the town for all there is in it, get up steam and keep it up, or quit the whole thing, vamoose the ranch, slide out and let nature have her way.  Do you want trade?  Bid for it.  Do you want business men to come to your town?  Encourage those who do come.  Do you want a prosperous town where people can come disposed to make it their home?  Then do away, bury from sight, all local differences, all jealousy, all spite; work no more for a few individuals, but all work together for a common prosperity and for a mutual benefit.  Wake up, rub your eyes, roll up your sleeves and go to work.  Don’t go to work with fear and trembling, but take it for granted that work will tell.  Leave results to themselves, borrow no trouble, but all unite and make the biggest kind of a fry.  – Holt County Sentinel

There you have it.  Find a way, or vamoose the ranch.  Here’s to working together and making the biggest kind of a fry.

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