Price Alone Will not Make a Bargain

Sewell Bros. & Montgomery remind us that quality of itself does not make value, and price alone will not make a bargain.  Combining the two in the sale of bright, new and fresh, reputable goods — now, that’s the ticket.

From the September 14, 1900 Skidmore Standard:

Ad for Sewell Brothers and Montgomery. Text of ad follows.
Advertisement for Sewell Bros. & Montgomery in Skidmore, Missouri, September 1900.

Ad reads, “Fall Merchandise. In opening the campaign for fall business we want to direct your attention to the variety and completeness of our stock. While we have always made quality and price the backbone of our business, we have endeavored to make it a stronger feature than ever for this season’s business. Quality of itself does not make value. Price alone will not make a bargain. But we have managed to combine the two so as to make it advantageous for you to trade with us. Remember this! We do not misrepresent either on the counter or in the paper. Every statement we make, we make good. Any article bought from us that is unsatisfactory for any reason can be returned. You take no chances. We handle noting but reputable goods. We have no old stagnant stocks to dispose of. Everything we have to offer you is bright, new and fresh from the manufacturer. Sewell Bros. & Montgomery.”

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