Preparing for the Big 4th

From the June 17, 1902 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

Stand Rights Sold.

The committee on ground sold the stand privileges Saturday afternoon, realizing about fifty dollars for them.  James Gale was the only one present who seemed to want a refreshment stand, as no one would bid against him when he started them at ten dollars.  He bought the three for thirty dollars.  The shooting gallery privilege brought $7.75, and was knocked off to Michael Freece.  Michael also bought the baby rack and cane rack rights, paying $7.75 cents for the former and $2.50 for the latter.  John Atterberry and Oliver Mayhugh offered $2.50 for the knife rack privilege, providing they can get their knives in time.

The following are the names of those that made cash donations to the celebration funds.  If your name is not in the list and you would like to help the matter along, give your name and amount to the soliciting committee.

Standard $20.00
E. T. Duval $2.50
Manchester & Gill $10.00
T. P. Moorhead $2.50
W. H. Freece $1.00
Pinkston Bros.  Lumber
B. E. Wood $1.00
Farmers Bank $5.00
J. W. Miller $5.00
J. M. French & Co.  $5.00
R. B. Foster $2.50
J. E. Pierpoint $1.00
J. M. Hutt $2.00
Sewell Bros. & Montgomery $15.00
G. C. Ashbrook $2.00
T. E. Haynes $5.00
J. H. Porter $1.00
R. A. Walker $2.00

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