Post those pictures with caution

We tell kids today to be careful what photos they post to social media, as there’s no telling when and where those memories might reappear. As it turns out, previous generations weren’t always so safe from those reports, either.

Here’s an example from the Skidmore New Era of Skidmore, Missouri, October 22, 1908, page 1:

Skidmore at Gregory, S. D.
James Parrish showed us some kodak pictures of Gregory, S. D., and among them was a snap shot of a part of the Skidmore delegation that went up when he did. The picture was taken in front of a small frame building about ten feet high, with a sign on top nearly half as high as the building which read LIQUORS. Jim said that it just happened, of course, that the boys were passing there when he took the shot at them.

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