Political Humor, circa 1904

With all the vitriol invading our airwaves this election season, we thought it might be nice to remember a kinder, gentler time in our political history.  We bring you the following joke, as told by the January 12, 1904 Skidmore Standard:

Congressman Rae, of Kentucky, tells of a constituent who had three boys, each of whom wanted a bicycle.  The father could afford to buy only one, but he said the boy who could select the best name for the machine could have it.

One called it George Washington, after the father of his country.  No. 2 selected the name of Abraham Lincoln, which still better pleased his father, a veteran Union man.  The youngest boy had great trouble with his trial ride on the wheel, being unable to steer it readily.  When asked to choose a name, he went to the watering trough, sprinkled some water on the bicycle and said: “I christen you Theodore Roosevelt, because nobody can tell a darn thing about where you are going next.”

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