Political Ads, 1898

With the flood of annoying (and often downright shameful) political ads on our airwaves these days, one longs for a return to the Skidmore Standard’s published political stance, as published in September 1898:

Some More of the Standard’s Politics
In case this paper should fall into the hands of any candidate who is thinking of subscribing for the STANDARD in hopes of getting a few nice things said about him during the campaign, we would say to him, don’t do it.

The STANDARD is still honing for subscribers, it wants those kind who will stay with it before, during and after campaigns.  The STANDARD’s politics is to help build up Skidmore and that is all the kind of politics it has time to attend to.

While it may be perfectly proper for papers that wish, to publish paid reading notices of any candidate, the STANDARD must be excused.

As building up Skidmore is “all the kind of politics” we have time to attend to today, as well, we will close and wish you a peaceful, rational, and productive election season in 2012.

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