Piano Recital

In this era of reality television, nasty reviews and cutthroat competition, we bring you a cool breeze from the past – September, 15, 1899, to be precise:

Piano Recital

It was noticeable that all anticipated a pleasant evening as the pupils and near friends, many being their fond parents, all with such cheerful faces, gathered at the cheerful home of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Grigsby’s.  Old mother nature had been conspicuous in contributing her share for the benefit of the occasion as a generous rain had left the atmosphere cool and bracing.

Each pupil took her place at the piano with such grace and elegance of mien that it would require an amateur to decide who rendered her part the best.  All looked lovely.  Were I called upon to decide their gowns, it would be impossible.  I observed this: I never saw a class of that number where all possessed such noble and intelligent faces as characterized the pupils of Mrs. Grigsby’s, who has just cause to be proud of their accomplishments.

When time for departing had arrived and each guest bid their hostess a kind good night and the usual compliments of the evening passed, there was an expression that there would be another in the near future.


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