Paschal Reunion

Family reunions made for good copy, as they allowed the editor to please his subscribers with news of their neighbors while enlisting the family members themselves to help with the reporting.  These days, we’d call that a win-win situation.  The six Paschal kids reunited at the Howden home in 1909, as reported in the August 5, 1909 Skidmore New Era:

Six Sisters and Brother Visit

The beautiful home of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Howden Saturday was the scene of the reunion of the sisters and brother of the Paschal family.

Those present were:  Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Norton and little daughter Margaret, Misses Maggie and Emma Paschal and Frank Paschal, all of St. Louis, Mrs. Flora Newlon, Clearmont, and Mr. and Mrs. Lafe Burnett and little son Paschal of Lincoln, Nebraska.

The family consists of six sisters and one brother – Mesdames W. M. Howden, Flora Newlon, F. D. Norton, Lafe Burnett, and Misses Maggie and Emma Paschal and Frank Paschal.

The meeting, or reunions as it were, of the family, was a complete surprise to Mrs. W. M. Howden.  The arrangement had been planned by Misses Maggie and Emma, who thought it would be a fine time for the sisters and brother to all meet again, inasmuch as Mesdames F. D. Norton and Lafe Burnett were already visiting at the home of Mrs. Howden.  So the other sister, Mrs. Flora Newlon of Clearmont, and the brother, Frank, together with Misses Maggie and Emma, dropped in on them Saturday morning.

A most delightful visit was had and all enjoyed the reunion of the sisters and brother.

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