Oyster Supper

A culinary review from the February 16, 1900 Skidmore Standard:

An Oyster Supper
By And For Men Only.

While Rev. M. L. Alleshouse’s brothers, P. O. and J. A. Alleshouse were here last week, in order to show them a good time, he decided to make an oyster supper in their honor and invite some of the boys.  Accordingly, the oysters, milk, etc. were purchased and the invitations issued for Friday night.  Mrs. Alleshouse is visiting her parents in central Missouri, so it was to be a supper by and for men only; and that is just what it proved to be.  Rev. Alleshouse wanted to begin making the soup by putting in the oysters first; but some one doubted if that was the way a woman would proceed, which led to a general discussion and the overruling of the reverend gentleman’s way of cooking oysters.  After a few more proposals and discussions, the soup was pronounced done; the rest was easy and the supper was a grand success.  The soup was excellent; fit for a prince of royal blood to eat, which fact tends to prove that women are not the only creatures who can cook.

The favored ones were A. C. and A. L. Dodds, Ray Strickler, J. M. Lawson, E. A. Miller and F. N. Campbell.

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