Oren Masters’ Successful Dairy, 1907

From the December 5, 1907 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Cream Selling Pays Him.

That the dairy business is a paying business is fully demonstrated by one instance that has come before our notice during the past week.

Orren Masters brought to this office Monday afternoon a bunch of duplicate cream checks, covering sales of cream from four cows for the period of only one year. The total amount of money received for this cream was $145.73 or an average of $36.43 1/4 for each cow.

Besides yielding this handsome amount of butter fat these cows raised six calves during the year, which were recently disposed of for the snug sum of $150. These calves were not raised on skim milk, but were allowed to take it from the cow as nature intended.

These cows are not Jerseys, but are high-grade Short Horns, and their offspring sell at high prices when placed on the markets as has been seen.

Mr. Masters attributes his success in this business to the fact that his cows receive the best of care and are milked regularly.

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