Ordinance 54

Skidmore Ordinance No. 54, as published in the July 5, 1906 Skidmore New Era:

An ordinance on City Revenue.
Be it ordained by the Board of Alderman of the City of Skidmore as follows:
Sec. 1.  That there be hereby established and levied a tax for City revenue on all property, Real, Personal and Mixed within the corporate limits of said City of Skidmore, subject to state and county tax.

Sec. 2.  That the rate of Taxation for the present year on the taxable property in said City of Skidmore shall be two and one-half mills on the dollar.

Sec. 3.  That a Poll Tax is hereby established for the year 1906 at $2.  Payable in money or two days work, and that the proper City Officers are hereby empowered to collect all taxes when due in accordance with the ordinances of this City heretofore made and passed.
Adopted July 2, 1906.
W. R. Linville, Mayor.
Ed M. Stokes, Clerk.

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