Oratorical and Music Contest, 1922

From the Skidmore News of Skidmore, Missouri, April 13, 1922, page 1:

High School Contest Next Tuesday Night.
Will Consist of Oratory, Declamation, Music
Winners Will Enter Contest at Maryville, April 21.

An oratorical, declamation and music contest between the Adelphian and Excelsior Literary Societies of the Skidmore High School will be held at the M. E. Church at 8 o’clock next Tuesday evening, April 18. This will also be the preliminary contest to determine who will represent the local school in the district contest to be held at Maryville on Friday, April 21. The judges for this contest will be from the State Teachers College at Maryville, and an admission of ten cents will be charged to pay the expenses of the judges.

The Adelphian Society will be represented by Carl Hilgerth, Lawrence Linville, Pauline Rodman, Pauline Manchester, Iona Devers, Eula Miller, Dollie Logan, Alice Barrett; and the Excelsior by Vernon Barrett, Vernon Goslee, Marie Logan, Ethel Lyle, Margaret Strickler, Artie Parish, Hope Manchester, Ellanor Sewell.

There will be one number on the program Tuesday evening — a piano solo, by Pauline Rodman — which is not part of this contest. This number will be played at a contest held at the State Teachers College, May 4.

The program for Tuesday evening is as follows:
Music — Orchestra.
Oration — Lafayette, We Have Come. — Carl Hilgerth.
Oration — Vision of War — Lawrence Linville.
Music, piano solo — Griegs Butterfly — Pauline Rodman.
Oration — Liberty or Death — Vernon Barrett.
Oration — The Grandest Document — Vernon Goslee.
Music, quartet — A Summer Lullaby — Pauline Rodman, Pauline Manchester, Iona Devers, Eula Miller.
Declamation — Patsy Barnes — Dollie Logan.
Declamation — Penrod’s Letter — Marie Logan.
Music, quartet — A Summer Lullaby — Ethel Lyle, Margaret Strickler, Artie Parish, Hope Manchester.
Declamation — Last Word — Alice Barrett.
Declamation — Miracle Mary — Ellanor Sewell.
Music — Orchestra.

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