Online newspaper index now available

I’ve been working on a name and subject index to two Skidmore, Missouri newspapers, the Skidmore Standard (late 1898 – 1904) and the Skidmore New Era (1905 – 1915, with 1905-1906 currently indexed).  I had copies of the index for 1898-1902 printed and sent many to local libraries and national genealogy library collections.  The cost to do that for all the years is prohibitive, and I discovered that I could host the entire index online for about the cost of printing and mailing a single year.

I’m giving the online index a try.  If you haven’t already, please take a look at the Skidmore Newspaper Index search on this site.  I just uploaded the data for 1906 and will add more entries as I finish each year.

For more about the project, visit the Skidmore Newspaper Index page.

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