One More Hour

The time change always unsettles your humble storyteller, but we shall endeavor to see this year’s spring-forward-fall-back ritual as an extra hour of healthfulness, helpfulness, and happiness. From the October 24, 1918 Skidmore News, page 1:

Time Changes October 27

The extra daylight hour will disappear this month, and we shall turn back the clock again until next May, or perhaps April. But just think what daylight saving has meant to us: One extra hour of healthfulness, helpfulness and happiness for every man, woman and child in the United States — 110,000,000 such hours every day; 20,130,000,000 hours of added pleasure in living during the past six months. Wasn’t it worth while? — Ladies Home Journal.

It will be only a short time, now, until those who lost that hour of sleep when we experienced the change from what is termed old time to new time, the latter part of March, in order to conserve daylight for the clocks are to be turned back an hour during the early morning hours of Sunday, October 27.

Perhaps it will be better to turn your timepiece back an hour on retiring Saturday night and then you can be sure of securing the extra hour’s rest and still arise at the usual time on Sunday morning.

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