Ode to Missouri

Missouri Day, the third Wednesday in October, would not be declared by the Missouri General Assembly until 1915, but the Skidmore Standard showed its love for all things Missouri in its June 8, 1900 edition:

Missouri, heaven bless her, from Nodaway to Pike; from Stone to Clark and Atchison and all the rest alike.
She has vineyards on the Ozarks, and blue grass on the Grand, while the winding, crooked Fabby runs through the richest land.
She has the tallest woman that the world has ever met, and the best long green ‘terbacker’ that was ever in the sweat.
On the hill the cows have grazin’ that no country can surpass, and the fattest hogs are gruntin’ in the meadow and the mass.
The thresher will soon be hummin’ and the hay up in the stack.  While the thrifty hen is cacklin’ and the ducks are goin’ quack.
No country can surpass her – She’s the grandest of ’em all, and we’ll all have corn an’ pumpkins and fodder in the fall.

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