Now it’s up to you

Sewell Brothers & Montgomery have done their work.  Now, the fall shopping work is all up to you.  From the October 12, 1900 Skidmore Standard:

Ad for Sewell Brothers. Text follows.
Sewell Brothers & Montgomery, Skidmore, Missouri, 1900.

Ad reads, “Up to you. It is up to you. Our line of dress goods, wool and cotton flannels, blankets, underwear, fall and winter hosiery and etc. are complete. We have done our part. We have the best assortment of the best things we have ever offered the trade. If you don’t get some of the good things don’t blame us. We are prepared to show them to you if you’ll only give us the opportunity. We are showing the largest as well as the prettiest line of comforts and comforts and quilt goods you’ll see anywhere. Let us show them to you while the assortment is complete. We are selling a good quality, full pound roll of cotton for 10 cents. . . .It’s up to you, that’s all. Sewell Bros. & Montgomery.”

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