Nora Sewell Leaves the Commercial Hotel, Moves to Kansas City

From the September 18, 1914 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Leased the Hotel – Will Move to K. C.

Mrs. Nora Sewell Has Leased Hotel to James W. Wilson, and Will Run Rooming House in Kansas City.

Antique photo image of two buildings. The smaller building has a sign which reads, "The New Commercial Hotel."
Image of the New Commercial Hotel in Skidmore, Missouri, date unknown.

James W. Wilson of Skidmore has become proprietor of the Commercial Hotel and will take possession the 1st of October.  Mrs. Sewell has leased a large rooming house on 16th and 29th West Central Street and will move to Kansas City.  Mrs. Sewell’s new location is two and one-half blocks from the new Union Depot at Kansas City, and just seven blocks from the center of the business district.  It is a fine building and a very desirable location.  The new Union Depot is just completed and the opening day was September 15.

Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Manning will live with Mrs. Sewell.  Mr. Manning and the Sewell boys, Quay and Timmy will have positions down town.

Mrs. Sewell has been in the Commercial Hotel at Skidmore for twelve years and her experience will qualify her as an excellent landlady for a large rooming house.

Mr. Wilson is a man of considerable business experience and will make a good proprietor for the hotel.  He knows the wants of the traveling men and has the ability for a good hotel man.

Later, the October 15 ,1914 edition announced on page 7:

Quay Sewell left last week for Kansas City where he will make his future home.  Mrs. Nora Sewell, the proprietress of the Commercial hotel at Skidmore for so long, moved to Kansas City the first of the month and is now running a rooming house there.

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