No Such Thing as Christmas Shopping Being Made Easy

Shopping advice, including suitable things for presents, from Sewell Bros. & Montgomery in the Skidmore Standard, December 13, 1901 Skidmore Standard:

Advertisement for Sewell Bros. & Montgomery of Skidmore, Missouri
From the December 13, 1901 Skidmore Standard.

Ad reads, “Christmas Shopping Being Made Easy. Particularly so when you don’t know just what you want or wait until the best things are all gone. But give us the chance in time and we will show you a splendid assortment of serviceable, wearable things that will please both giver and receiver. Our time and best enedavors to please you will help to make it easier.

Unusually low prices until and during the holidays.

A sacrifice. The unusually warm weather left us with large stocks of heavy goods such as blankets, underwear, clothing, overcoates, dress goods, etc., which we will sacrifice profits to dispense of.

Suitable things for presents. We are showing a splendid line of suitable things for presents in the Queensware Line and the prices are unusually reasonable. Cups and saucers, salad dishes, berry sets, jardiniers, tea pots, lamps, pin trays, cake plates, chop dishes, chocolate sets, four piece sets, olive dishes, lamps, syrups and plates, cracker jars, etc.

Handkerchiefs. Our display of handkerchiefs is worthy of your inspection. They are all pretty, from the 50 cent ones on up.

All over the store. Leggings, hoods and fascinators, bed spreads, blankets, mittens and gloves, ties, cuff buttons, brooch pins, pocket books, fancy belt buckles, fancy suspenders, silver knives and forks, and a great many other things that we cannot mention here.

$1. We can sell you a watch for a dollar and warrant it for a year. What better could you get for the boy?

For Business. Sewell Bros. & Montgomery.”

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