Nick Garnett Sends Chilean Money Home, 1909

From the February 25, 1909 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 6:

Money From Chile.

L. W. Garnett or “Nick” as he is commonly called by his friends here sent his father, A. H. Garnett, this week a one dollar bill of Chilean money. Nick is on the North Dakota Battle ship, and his fleet is in South American waters and was anchored last week in one of the ports of Chile.

The bill is a very beautiful design, about two thirds the size of our one dollar bill. The front side bearing the picture of one of the large state buildings with the words “Republic De Chile” and “Un Peso” in the center with appropriate engraving for a border. The other side similar to our American one dollar bill. The bill is worth 33 1/2 cents in our money. The bill was made and money stamped by the American Bank Note Co. of New York.

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