New Year, 1901 Index

Things have been quiet here, but behind the scenes, your humble storyteller has been working furiously in the world of 1901 Skidmore, Missouri.

The Index to the Skidmore Standard, 1901 is on its way to the Missouri State Historical Society and the Midwest Genealogy Center, and copies will go to the Nodaway County Historical Society and Northwest Missouri Genealogy Society when those fine institutions reopen in the springtime.  If you know of another institution that should receive a copy, say so in the comments, and I’ll see about getting a copy to them.

The 1901 Index rounded out at 7,625 entries of small-town goodness, including more Punkin Show, some excellent local advertising, another successful Lecture Course, expanded parking downtown (“Mayor Montgomery superintended the erection of about 300 feet of hitching racks near the elevator Wednesday. He told us to quit our growling about the racks, but if these are not sufficient to accommodate those wanting to tie their teams, he is liable to hear from us again.” September 27, 1901), and a host of business news that surely both delighted and frustrated publisher W. J. Skidmore.

The indexing is complete for 1902 and 1903, and the editing is almost finished for 1902.  Here’s hoping the new year will support me in finishing 1904, which will round out the publication years for the Standard.

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