New Rural Mail Routes

Once again, Postmaster Howden was thinking ahead and looking out for the interests of the wider community around Skidmore.  This report of his latest activity appeared in the July 4, 1902 edition on page 1:

New Rural Mail Routes.

Postmaster Howden located two more routes out of Skidmore last week, and in due course of time the inspector will be around to inspect them.  We would call attention to the fact that there are bridges out on both proposed routes.  If the patrons along the proposed routes do not see that the bridges are made not only passable but in good condition, there is no chance of having the routes established.  On one of the new proposed routes there are two bridges out, one on the Nodaway and Holt county line and one on the Holt and Atchison county line.  No inspector will grant a route if he can’t go over the line.  We would like to see the new routes established and merely call the attention of the people along the routes to get their roads in condition or they may never have their mail brought to them.

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