New Depot, 1908

From the October 22, 1908 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

New C. B. & Q. Depot.
On the tenth of March the Skidmore depot was completely burned, destroying all instruments, office furniture and fixtures, but this did not for a moment deter our efficient and accommodating agent, G. L. Owen. Before the fire had ceased blazing Agent Owen had got in touch with linemen at Clarinda and arranged for new instruments, secured a complete set of blanks from Burlington Junction until supplies could be secured from headquarters, and promptly moved into the coal bin, a little coop not much larger than a piano box, and the business of the C. B. & Q. railroad went on as regular as clock work without missing a tick or losing a second.

The next morning’s freight brought a complete building into which Mr. Owen moved and has conducted the affairs of the railroad until the new structure was famished.

There was talk soon after the fire of rebuilding the depot out of some second hand lumber which the company had on hand, but the Skidmore citizens did not take very kindly to this proposition and a committee of business men called upon the officials of St. Joseph and laid in a complaint and asked for a better building which was granted by the erection of the present station which is more in keeping with the city of Skidmore and large business of the C. B. & Q. at this place.

The new structure is an up-to-date building, covering a ground space of 20×54 feet, with a 14-foot glazed brick walk on the west side. It has three good sized, well arranged rooms, a large and commodious waiting room, a high platform freight room and a neat ticket and business office.

It is well constructed, being boxed, lined and weather boarded on the outside, finished in natural wood on the inside and covered with galvanized iron shingles.

The building, while not as large as the Union Station in St. Louis, yet it is ample for all the needs of this place and makes a very attractive adjunct to the city and country and reflects credit on the enterprise and appreciation of the company.

There has always existed a friendly feeling between the railroad company and our citizens and we are glad that the company has treated us so nicely in this matter.

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