New Buildings at Skidmore, 1899

From the October 13, 1899 Skidmore Standard:

New Buildings at Skidmore.
How the Editor of the Maryville Daily Record Saw Things in Our Town.

Mr. J. A. Steel editor of the Maryville Daily Record, was in town one afternoon last week and was so favorably impressed with the progress and push evinced by our citizens that he went home and wrote about it. He says:

“A visit to Skidmore one day this week also brought to our attention the “boom” that has struck that enterprising little town on the west side of the county.

Next in size to the commodious building known as the “Cook’s opera,” erected in 1898 at a cost of $8,000, the lower part of which is occupied by Cook’s bank, drug store and barber shop, will be the two large buildings now under way. Huge piles of brick on either side of Main street, which extends north and south, are suggestive of the size of the buildings. The one on the east side of the street, just south of the building now occupied by Sewell Bros. & Montgomery, will be erected by W. R. Linville, and is to be 30×70 feet, with plate glass front, to be completed by January 1, and will be occupied by J. F. Kellogg for general merchandise.

The other building on the opposite side of the street will be put up by W. J. Skidmore and will be still larger, the dimensions being 50×60 feet. The excavation for the basement is almost completed and the work is progressing rapidly. It will be occupied by Sewell Bros. & Montgomery, also for general merchandise.

Besides the business buildings there are several fine residences being put up in the east part of town. Among the buildings may be mentioned Daniel Albright, Hi Montgomery, cashier of the Farmers Bank, and Samuel Bender.”

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