Near Serious Auto Accident, 1922

From the January 19, 1922 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Automobiles Clash.
A near serious auto accident occurred Monday afternoon, about a mile and a half west of Maryville. Virgil Argo, who had taken Mrs. F. C. Barber to Maryville in her Buick roadster, attempted to pass Mr. and Mrs. Willis Reese in their Dodge touring car. Mrs. Reese was driving, and not knowing that the other car was passing her, she crowded it out of the road and against the concrete abutment of a culvert.

Mrs. Barber was badly shaken and bruised, but it is understood that her injuries were not of a serious nature. No one else was hurt. The Barber car was badly smashed up, but the Reese car escaped unharmed except for the loss of a hub cap.

J. O. Miller happened along just after the accident occurred, and brought Mrs. Barber home. Mr. Argo took the car to Maryville for repairs.

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