National Repair Week, 1921

If your to do list is like ours, you may want to join us in celebrating National Repair Week for many things beyond farm equipment. Perhaps Manchester & Dodds had a good idea in the February 14, 1921 edition of the Skidmore News:

Ad for "National Repair Week" in 1921. Text of ad follows.
Skidmore News, Feb. 14, 1921, p. 8.

Advertisement, “National Repair Week! February 28 to March 5. Save delays and expense for telephones, telegraph and transportation charges by placing your repair orders early. The movement, started during the war, to induce early ordering of repairs so that machinery may be put in shape for use when needed, has the endorsement of Farm Bureau, County Agents, Agricultural Colleges and the Farm Press. President J. R. Howard, of the American Farm Bureau Federation gives Repair Week his endorsement as follows: ‘I am heartily in sympathy with the continuance of Repair Week. I know from my own experience as a farmer that it paid me during Repair Week to go over my machinery and list all needed repairs, and I did my work throughout the season better by having done this. We will be glad to co-operate in every way possible.’ Look over machinery now and place your orders during Repair Week for such parts as are sure to be needed. We want to give you 100 per cent repair service, but to do so, must have every farmer’s co-operation. Let’s work together. Manchester & Dodds.”

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