Myrtle Smock Hosts University Girls, 1922

From the August 17, 1922 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 5:

Miss Myrtle Smock will be hostess to a group of Nebraska and Missouri University girls Saturday and Sunday of this week. Members of the party will be Misses Marie Hinkle, Lincoln, Nebr., Irene Minton, Dorothy Bridgmon, Fortescue, Mo., Inez Alkire, Oregon, Mo., and Wilda Cresham, Mexico, Mo.

We have the final guest list from the August 24, 1922 edition, right on page 1:

Entertained With House Party.
Miss Myrtle Smock entertained with a house party over the week-end. The following guests were present: Misses Mary Hinkle, Lincoln, Nebr., Inez Alkire, Oregon, Mo., Wilda Cresham, Mexico, Mo., Irene Minton and Dorothy Bridgmon, Fortescue, Mo., Messrs George Polly, Bennet Martin and Earl Pierce, Oregon, Mo., Jesse Stewart, Fortescue, Mo., Bryant King, Maitland and Erman Miller.

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