Murder in Hopkins

We often feel that our world has become more violent in recent years, and perhaps it has.  Sensational stories and true crime dramas blanket our airwaves, and yet anger and violence are not 21st-century inventions.  This is clear from the following article, which appeared in the September 30, 1898 Skidmore Standard:

Killed Her Sister-in-Law

A very sad affair occurred at Hopkins, Monday night.  Mrs. George Ewing shot and killed her sister-in-law, Mrs. Frank Ewing.  The husbands of both women were absent when the killing took place, one was at Omaha attending the Exposition and the other one was at Maryville attending the speaking.

The two ladies, with their children had spent the afternoon and evening in shopping and calling on friends.  They returned to the home of Mrs. Geo. Ewing to spend the night.  The children got into some childish difficulties and the mothers took sides with the children.  Hot words were passed and Mrs. Geo. Ewing drew a revolver from a drawer and shot at the other woman three times, the third shot striking her heart, killing her instantly.

The murderess then ran out of the house to the home of a neighbor and told what she had done.

She was placed under arrest Tuesday morning by Sheriff Collins.

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