Mrs. Spahr Hosts the Ladies Aid, 1920

From the March 11, 1920 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Social Afternoon at Mrs. Spahr’s.

The Ladies Aid Society of the M. E. Church were entertained at the home of Mrs. J. C. Spahr, Thursday Afternoon, March 4th. Mrs. Spahr was assisted in entertaining by Mrs. J. O. Miller and Mrs. A. F. Howden.

Roll call was answered with Gems of poetry. Mrs. Henry Barrett’s response being especially appropriate, as she recited a poem on the subject of “The Ladies Aid.” Mrs. G. L. Owen also responded with a reading on the same subject.

The invitations were accompanied with a request for each lady to bring her thimble. Mrs. Spahr had gathered a number of relics and old pieces of clothing from years gone by and made separate packages of them and each lady was given a package to patch, darn or otherwise make ready for Mrs. Spahr’s use during her coming trip.

Long silk gloves, silk hose and even hats were included in the supply.

Mrs. G. L. Owen trimmed a traveling hat which certainly was a work of art and Mrs. Everett Linville trimmed a hat for dress occasions the equal of which has not been seen in Skidmore.

Several articles at first glance looked to be beyond human aid, but after passing through the capable hands of the “Ladies Aid” were hardly recognizable. It was a decidedly jolly afternoon and the ladies had no end of fun helping Mrs. Spahr in making ready for her trip.

Refreshments of pie “a la mode” and coffee were served and about 15 ladies were present. This was only one more of the very enjoyable afternoons the ladies of the M. E. Church have planned to have during the coming year.

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