Mrs. Barber Almost Drowns

A rescue reported in the May 26, 1903 Skidmore Standard, page 4:

Narrow Escape from Drowning.

Yesterday afternoon, Mrs. F. C. Barber and her niece, living at Burr Oak, 4 miles west started to come to town.  When they reached the cross roads, one mile west, they saw the river was so high it would not be safe to attempt to cross.  Mrs. Barber, getting out of the buggy, declared her intention of going on to town.  Her niece, Miss Lou Barber, being unable to control her, drove a quarter of a mile north to A. F. Howden’s and gave the alarm.  Mr. Howden, with a couple of men who were working for him, got into the buggy and hastily followed Mrs. Barber.  When they got to her she had waded out some distance in the water, and had she not been rescued would no doubt have soon been drowned.

The report was ‘phoned in from Mr. Howden’s that Mrs. Barber was attempting to cross the river and it created quite a sensation and nearly all the town were down at the river.

Mrs. Barber’s deranged condition is the result of long sickness and it is hoped is only temporary.

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