Moving Picture Entertainment

New technology found its way to Skidmore in May 1901. The Standard promised a magnificent time for all:  “The moving pictures which will be shown at the Opera House Tuesday evening are life size and twice as natural.”

Perhaps Hollywood will remake some of the classics reported in the May 24 edition:

A magnificent moving picture entertainment will be given at Cooks Opera House Tuesday evening, May 28, under the auspices of the Skidmore Camp of the Modern Woodmen of America.

The following are some of the films which will be given:

  1. Wrestling Match
  2. Bombardment of Fort Taku, China
  3. New York Fire Run
  4. High Diving
  5. Four Mysterious Heads
  6. Barnum & Bailey’s Trick Elephants
  7. Trying to Shave With a Razor That Pulls
  8. Mesmerist and Country Couple
  9. Chicken Thieves
  10. Driving on a Broad Avenue
  11. Why Mr. Jones Got a Divorce
  12. Fast Mail
  13. Return of the Naval Reserves
  14. American Flag
  15. Red Cross Society
  16. Rescue of Children from a Burning Building

Three illustrated songs.

Admission, 10, 25, and 35 cents. An exhibition will be given on the streets Monday evening at dark which will be absolutely free. Come, Everybody.

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