Motorcycle Accident, 1912

A lucky escape for Earl Newton (and perhaps not much luck for B. C. Holt’s motorcycle) was reported in the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), May 30, 1912, page 4:

Rides Motorcycle Through Fence.

Earl Newton, while speeding a motorcycle on the Maitland track last week, ran the wheel through the fence and badly bruised his arm and leg.  Mr. Newton is the lineman for the Nodaway Valley Telephone Co. at Skidmore and was in company with B. C. Holt, who is an expert motorcyclist, and was trying the speed of Mr. Holt’s wheel.  On rounding a curve, he attempted to shut off the power, but instead increased it to full force. The machine shot across the track and like to have mowed down all the posts in the fence on the west side of the track before it could be stopped.  In the runaway Newton received the bruises on his arm and leg.


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