Motley Crowd Surprises Mrs. Fred Peoples

From the November 23, 1922 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

A Surprise.
On last Friday evening Mrs. Fred Peoples opened her door to a motley crowd of folks dressed in all sorts of fanciful costumes. She finally recognized her Sunday School Class No. 12, who had come to pay their respects. A jolly good time was had. Refreshments of sandwiches, cake and coffee were served. Mrs. W. E. Linville received the prize for the funniest costume and Mrs. Iva Stevens the prize for the best make up to conceal her identity. Rev. and Mrs. J. J. Cokely were the judges.

Those present were: Mrs. Clyde Barrett, Mrs. Chance Littler, Mrs. Clarence Argo, Mrs. Alfred Logan, Mrs. Bruce Moody, Mrs. Martin Riley, Mrs. W. E. Linville, Mrs. Clyde Stevens, Mrs. Ed King, Mrs. Grace Lyle, Mrs. Eula Hall and Mrs. W. J. Skidmore.

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