Most Enjoyable Christmas Dinners, 1921 – Part 3

The week after Christmas 1921, the Skidmore News of Skidmore, Missouri reported on several parties and family meals which were, we’re sure, both joyous and delicious. Here are a few from page 1 of the December 29, 1921 News:

Christmas Dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Hammond entertained at Christmas dinner, the following guests: Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Hammond of Vernon, Tex.; Lester Hilbert of Corning, Kan.; Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Hilbert; Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Hammond and daughter, Margaret; Mr. and Mrs. Byron Hammond and daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Merle Hammond; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Britell.

A family reunion and Christmas dinner was given at the home of Miss Florence Gaddy and sisters on Christmas day. Those attending from this neighborhood were Mr. and Mrs. Walter McGinness and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lowrance and Reid and Ruey, and Mrs. Dora Linville and children Hattie, Rinda, Leland and Harvey. Others present were Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lowrance and son of Mound City, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Lowrance, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Smock and daughter, George Gaddy and family, Dillard and Marvin Lowrance, Katie Owens, Gladys Neuffer, Hattie, Raymond and Ted Wright, Roger Miller, Jim Lowrance and wife, and Lester Acklin. All had a fine time and hope there will be many more such good times together.

Mr. and Mrs. Willis Reese and Miss Freda Henderson spent Christmas day with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Marstella at St. Joseph. Mr. and Mrs. Reese returned home Monday evening, and Miss Henderson went to Doniphan, Kan., to spend a few days at the home of her grandfather, C. B. Roundy. She will stop in St. Joseph on her way home and visit a few days with Mrs. Marstella.

Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Stubbs of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, came Friday and visited over Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Montgomery. Mr. Stubbs returned home Monday, but Mrs. Stubbs remained until yesterday.

The following took Christmas dinner with Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Owens: Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Kellogg and baby, J. F. Kellogg, Mrs. Ryan and Mrs. Sarah Beverlin.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles McDaniels and baby and Mr. and Mrs. Byron Masters took Christmas dinner at the G. P. McDaniels home.

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Conrad and children took Christmas dinner with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry McDowell.

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