More Visiting News, July 1921

Skidmore, Missouri residents were busy with, or as, visitors, as we see in the Skidmore News on July 28, 1921, page 1:

Picnic at Weddle Home.
On Thursday afternoon of last week a picnic was held at the home of W. W. Weddle, Jr. Those present were: Alfred Logan and family, Chancey Littler and family, Dr. H. B. Russell and family, J. A. Hill and family, J. W. Weddle, Jr., and family, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Howard, Gene Rhoades and Oceania Rohr and Mrs. H. H. Hutton and children of Rich Hill, Mo.

W. S. Linville drove to Burlington Junction last Friday evening and brought Mrs. Linville and the boys home. They had been visiting with Mrs. Linville’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Rees.

Sunday School Class Picnic.
“The Class in the Corner” of Harmony Sunday School, and their teacher, Mrs. W. S. Zeller, took their dinner and spent the day at the college campus at Tarkio last Sunday. Each member of the class invited a guest, and a very enjoyable time was had by all.

Miss Faye Townsend and John Jahne, students at the Teachers College at Maryville, visited Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Lewis last Thursday.

Joseph Logan and grandson, John Logan Owens of St. Joseph came last Wednesday and visited until Sunday evening, returning home with Mr. and Mrs. John Owens.

Mr. and Mrs. George Masters entertained last Sunday, the following: Mr. and Mrs. Ray Masters and son, Ray Jr.; Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Masters and daughter, Opal Irene; Mr. and Mrs. Byron Masters, Miss Bessie Mitchell, Miss Dora Masters of Maryville, Mr. and Mrs. Jim McGinness and family, Mrs. L. L. Ward and son and daughter of Fairbury, Neb.

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