Missouri Soil

Missouri weather and Missouri soil make a powerful combination, it seems.  This gardening style from the November 2, 1900 Skidmore Standard may have been unorthodox, but it seems to have worked.

“Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Duval enjoyed a dish of nice, crisp, tender lettuce at dinner the other day. Just think of it! Lettuce at the last of October when Thanksgiving day is only a month away! It was home-grown, too, and had not been carefully nurtured in a hot bed. This is how it happened – if you do likewise next fall, perhaps you will be equally fortunate. When the gardening season was ended, and everything remaining had gone to seed, Mr. Duval made a general cleaning up of his garden patch. He pulled up the lettuce stalks and threw them into a small brush pile – and nature did the rest. The seed fell upon the earth and they sprouted and put forth leaves. Missouri soil! See?”

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