Miss Bessie Slauson’s Travelogue, 1920

From the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), July 22, 1920, page 4:

A Letter from Miss Bessie Lee Slauson.
Mrs. Carl Turpin, who teaches the young people’s Sunday school class at Centenary, received a letter last Monday from Miss Bessie Lee Slauson, who is a member of the class, and who is now visiting at Coquille, Oregon, and in which she tells of her trip. It reads as follows:
“We went west after leaving Napier, crossed the Missouri river into Rulo, then through Nebraska, where we saw large fields of wheat and corn. Nebraska has large forests. Two men in our car lost their pocket books, but one of them found his.

On June 30, we were in Ft. Morgan, Colo., and could see mountains which were covered with snow. We also saw a snow storm in the mountains. We saw Elephant rock, which is an elephant built by nature in the rocks. We also saw many prairie dogs playing around their mounds. We went via of Denver and Pueblo. After we left Pueblo, it required two engines to pull the coaches up the mountains. We were 50 miles from Pikes Peak and could see it plainly. We entered the Rocky Mountains early in the morning and were all day and night riding through them and here passed through many tunnels. Our highest elevation was 10,242 ft. and from here we went through a long tunnel in which two engines were required to convey our train. We also went through a canyon which was 60 ft. across at the top.

Oregon is a beautiful country. I like it fine and should like to live here. The roads are crooked, turning first one way and then another.
We are preparing for a camping trip and will start Wednesday or Thursday, and there will be five cars of us going. We are going to Coquille, tonight. We went to Powers, last Tuesday, and left yesterday about 5 p.m. and did not get to Uncle Elmer’s until about midnight. We stopped in Myrtle Point, and called to see my aunt and cousins. Uncle Elmer’s ranch is 32 miles from Powers.

I will close with love to you. Give my regards to everyone.
Bessie Lee Slauson, Coquille, Ore. Care of Mr. Elmer Shull.

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