Miss Barber Forms a Chorus, 1921

From the October 6, 1921 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

High School Notes.
Miss Vera Barber, who is staying at home this winter, offered her services to the school as music director. In assembly Monday morning the idea of a high school chorus was discussed by Miss Barber. It was decided that the high school should form a chorus with Miss Barber as director. We expect to “warble” by spring.

On Tuesday morning, Rev. Sword and Mr. Wilson, the evangelistic team at the Christian church, visited the rooms up stairs. Mr. Wilson sang and gave us some good advice. Rev. Sword is the speaker, and he gave us a talk that would make any high school student think.

Don’t forget the Excelsior program Friday. If you don’t think we have some good singers and speakers, come up tomorrow.

The Adelphian Society will give a program two weeks from Friday.

The girls are getting along fine with their basket ball court. The court is all cleaned and dragged smooth. The back tops are up and the girls can go to playing soon.

The boys’ first team has a matched game with Burlington Junction for Friday evening, at Skidmore. Come on, everybody, “let’s go!”

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